Identify, Secure and Negotiate Relocation of Business

The Challenge

8D Closures commissioned GJS Dillon’s Agency Team to find, secure and negotiate terms for the relocation of the business to large industrial premises within the Worcester area of between 20,000 and 35,000 sq ft. As a team we worked closely with 8D Closures’ team to identify its present and future business needs, space and location requirements and budgetary constraints. We carried out a comprehensive search on and off the market for a suitable property to present to our client.

The Solution

Once 8D Closures chose its preferred option we negotiated a deal to acquire the property and advised on a Schedule of Condition to limit our client’s liability for future property repair and refurbishment costs.

Whilst 8D Closures initially wanted to try and acquire freehold premises, it became very apparent that due to the shortage of good quality freehold premises within the Worcester area that this would not fulfil the immediate requirement and as such a new lease was entered into at 16A Blackpole Trading Estate, Worcester on preferential terms with the possibility of acquiring the freehold interest at a later stage.

What Our Clients Say...

Tim Bland

GJS Dillon took the time to understand our needs and help us shortlist suitable locations. Without the help and support of John Dillon and his colleagues, the process would have taken a lot longer and cost us a lot more in executive time. We appreciate the work that GJS Dillon have done on this and will recommend them to anyone.