Henry Burlison Churan is celebrating his first anniversary at GJS Dillon

December 2020

It’s been quite an eventful year hasn’t it Henry?

Absolutely. I joined at a very busy time of year so I really had to hit the ground running and learn fast. During the weeks leading up to Christmas 2019 and the early part of 2020 we were flat out. Then we reached first lockdown and the Agency team focused on being pro-active by providing clients with the video content and property information they needed. During the second lockdown it was business as usual and there have been loads of viewings and deals throughout the autumn. I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone!

What’s been the biggest learning point so far?

I joined with a background in residential property and the terminology in commercial property is quite different. So it’s been quite a challenge getting to grips with the legal terms and paperwork required to organise a sale or letting. I’ve enjoyed learning on the job and it’s contributing to my Chartered Surveyor training as I’m working my way towards qualifying as an Associate. 

Is there any part of the role you particularly enjoy?

I really like the close-knit feel of the whole company. We’re one big team and if I need any advice or want to talk about something that’s not in my area it’s great to be able to share ideas with colleagues in the other teams (these include surveys,  valuations and property asset management). This year has put a huge emphasis on the importance of communities and relationships and here at GJS Dillon I definitely feel as if I’m part of a community.

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